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Online Research

My Library Account

Renew Items

In addition to emailing us, calling us (972.825.4761), or asking in person, you can renew your books online through the catalog!

Renewing Online

  1. Login to the catalog
  2. Select your name from the top right and select "My Borrowing Details"
  3. Hover over your item to the right of the "Thumbs Up" icon to make the "Renew" button appear
    My Account with Renew Button
  4. Select "Renew"
  5. Take note of your new due date
    New due date

Download eReserves

Occasionally, your professor will place articles or scans from print books on eReserve to enable easy access to these articles. You can access eReserves from the catalog.

Download eReserves

  1. Login to the catalog - click "Guest" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen
    Screenshot of the word "Guest" in the top right hand corner of screen
  2. Select "Login with Lionmail, then sign in using your Lionmail credentials
    Screenshot of the "Login with Lionmail" button on the login pop-up
    Screenshot of a sample Lionmail login
    Screenshot of a sample page where the user is now logged in
  3. Select "Course Reserves" from the menu bar
    Screenshot of the menu bar, with "Course Reserves" circled
  4. Select the professor of your class from the list
    Screenshot of the course reserve page to select a professor's photo
  5. Select your course from the list
    Screenshot of Dr. Espinoza's course reserve page with options to select a course
  6. Select the document you would like to read
    Screenshot of Dr. Espinoza's hermeneutics articles
  7. Click on the document name (next to "URL")
    Screenshot of a sample article with the URL highlighted
  8. You can read the document online or download it to read later



If you find a book you would like to use but it is currently checked out, you can place a hold on it so that you can borrow it next. This should be used only for items currently in use by someone else; items currently available should not be placed on hold.

Placing a Hold

  1. Login to the catalog
  2. Identify an unavailable book you'd like to borrow when it becomes available
    Unavailable book
  3. Click and drag the book from the search results to the "Hold" button on the menu bar
    Click and drag the book
  4. Click the "Hold" button to verify your book has been placed on hold
    Verify hold is placed

You will receive an email when the book becomes available for you to check out. 

Save Lists

You can create and save lists of resources in the library catalog. Saving a list lets you easily find resources in the future, find citations*, or share the list with others.

Saving a List

  1. Login to the catalog
  2. Locate resources
    Search results
  3. Click and drag the desired items to the "My List" tab
    Click and drag resource
  4. View items on the list by selecting the "My List" tab
  5. View save and other options by selecting the "Options" dropdown box
    My list
  6. Select "Save"
  7. Enter a name that makes sense to you and select "Save"
    Save list

You can view your list at a future time by clicking "My List," "Options," and then "Load List."

*Always verify auto-generated citations' correctness with the appropriate style manual.


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