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American Indian College: Archive: Share Your Story

This archive is managed by staff at Dorothy Cummings Library at SAGU American Indian College. This archive is a work in progress. Check back regularly for more content!


About the Project

Since 1957, SAGU AIC has changed the landscape of Christian higher education for Native Americans. You might have been part of that story.

The "Share Your Story: AIC History Project" is designed to capture and preserve the story of your unique experience at AIC and share it with others.

Participation is currently open to alumni, current employees who have been here for over 15 years, and former employees. Family of former employees are welcome to participate if that employee has gone to be with the Lord. 

Share Your Story: AIC History Project

Interview #1: Dr. Joseph J. Saggio ("Joe")

This interview was conducted on November 10, 2023. Dr. Saggio has worked in various roles at AIC since 1994, including Academic Dean, Executive Vice President, Professor, and Special Assistant to the Campus President.

Interview #2: Nadine Waldrop

This interview was conducted on January 29, 2024. Nadine worked at AIC in various roles from 1979-2015 and has volunteered on and off since. 

Interview #3: Blair Schlepp

This interview was conducted on February 23, 2024. Blair Schlepp has worked in various roles at AIC since 1995, including  Professor, Counselor, and Vice President. He is a direct descendant of Sitting Bull. 


You may participate orally (by video or audio recording) or through writing. We prefer video interviews if the participant lives in the Phoenix area. Responses will be published on this page. If you would like to participate, please contact library staff at or 602-944-3335 ext. 217.

Types of Questions to Expect:

  • What years did you attend or work for AIC?
  • Why did you choose AIC?
  • How would you describe your overall experience at AIC?
  • How do you feel like you grew or changed as a person during your time at AIC?
  • What are you most grateful for from your time at AIC?
  • What's your favorite memory from AIC?
  • Did you personally meet or know any of the founding or early members of AIC? 
  • Did any members of your family work at or attend AIC? 
  • What are some things that have changed at AIC since you left? What are some things that are the same?
  • What would you like to say to current (or future) employees/students?

Additional Questions for Former Students:

  • What clubs, sports, or campus activities were you involved in?
  • Who was your favorite professor, and why?
  • What was your favorite class, and why?
  • Who were some of the friends you made at AIC?

Additional Questions for Former Employees:

  • What did your job entail?
  • What was your favorite part of the job?
  • What was something you did on the job that had a long-term positive impact on AIC?
  • Who are memorable coworkers and students from your time there?

Want to Volunteer?

Dorothy Cummings Library is seeking volunteers!

Are you an alumni, former employee, or friend of the school? Do you have an intimate knowledge of All Tribes Bible School, American Indian Bible Institute, American Indian Bible College, or American Indian College? Do you have a desire to share your knowledge of the school with others? Apply to be an archive volunteer!

Apply here: Library Archive Volunteer Application

About Volunteering:

Due to the high volume of material, the archive will likely take a few years to complete. However, with your help, we can get through the content faster and with more accuracy. Here are the kinds of things we need help with:

  • Gathering archive material (documents, photos, etc.) from outside sources (alumni, former employees, etc.)
  • Identifying people in photos
  • Identifying the time period a photo was taken
  • Identifying the place a photo was taken
  • Placing photos into appropriate photo albums on Flickr
  • Typing up cursive pieces handwritten by our founder, Alta Washburn
  • Donating money that will help fund the digital archive site and materials to physically preserve the items

Please note that the library is usually closed between the 3rd week of May until the 3rd week of August each year. Library staff prefer volunteers to be on-site for initial training, but volunteer work can take place year-round if done virtually.  If you don't live in the Phoenix area or only have summer availability, you can still apply. We welcome anyone with the knowledge, time, and talent to help us out!