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Welcome to Dorothy Cummings Memorial Library! We are located in Phoenix, AZ at the American Indian College campus of Nelson University. We are happy to help you with anything you need related to the library, research, and resources. It's our job to help you find exactly what you need, so never hesitate to ask us for help. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and improve your time here on campus! - American Indian College Library Staff


Library Space


Central is the collaborative (green) zone of the library. This is the perfect space for large group, small group, and individual study. Central contains the circulation desk, computers, printer/copier, librarian's office, stress busters, merchandise, and restrooms. The archive, textbook, reference, great courses, periodical, and Authentic Christianity collections are located here. 

East Wing

The East Wing is a quiet (red) zone of the library. This is the perfect space for individual study. The East Wing contains the children's, Native American, media, and leisure reading collections.

West Wing

The West Wing is a quiet (red) zone of the library. This is the perfect space for individual study. The West Wing contains the general collection, which includes books for all majors.

Upper Room

The Upper Room is the low volume (yellow) zone of the library. This is the perfect space for small group and individual study. The Upper Room is also the library instruction classroom. 

The Library

The Alta Washburn Building was the first building constructed on this campus. The lower and upper floors of the central part of the building houses Dorothy Cummings Memorial Library. 

Circulation Desk

The circulation desk is the place to go for assistance. Stop here when you need help finding a book, checking out materials, accessing online resources, and more. If a library member is not present at the desk, there will be a sign stating where they are at the moment. Ring the bell to get their attention. 


The library holds a variety of programming each semester. These include:

  • Book Club - read a chosen book and watch the movie with others
  • Silent Reading Parties - read a good book in companionable silence
  • Escape Rooms - challenge your mind by solving puzzles and riddles with your friends
  • National Pet Day - enjoy some cuddles with a furry friend
  • Native American Heritage Month - read about and celebrate Indigenous heritage
  • Banned Books Week - celebrate your right to read the most banned book (the Bible)
  • National Library Week - celebrate the libraries that support you

Join us for these fun events and more! Don't miss out!

Find Your Space

Quiet Study Zone: East Wing & West Wing 

Low Volume Zone: Upper Room

Collaboration Zone: Central

Library Expectations