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American Indian College: Archive: School Publications

This archive is managed by staff at Dorothy Cummings Library at SAGU American Indian College. This archive is a work in progress. Check back regularly for more content!


School Publications

School publications include anything that was directly produced, published, or distributed by the college. This includes things like yearbooks, The Thunderer, music, and more. 

Do You Have Something to Donate?

We are looking for missing issues of The Thunderer, extra copies of yearbooks from the 1970s, chapel recordings, copies of recorded music, and anything else that fits the description of school publications. Please contact the library at if you have any copies of a school publication that you are willing to donate or share for a short time to be digitized.


Bring on the memories!! We have digitized yearbooks from Fall 1969 to Spring 2008. The Fall 2008 to Spring 2009 yearbook is a DVD available in-house. 

Note: Yearbooks are very large files (most are 200 MB+). You will need to download them from Google Drive to view them. It will take a minute for the file to load.

The Thunderer

The Thunderer is a school magazine that was published between 1967-1994. Unfortunately, we are missing most issues from this publication. If you have any issues that we do not currently have, and you are willing to donate them, please contact us at

Music Albums

This music album was recorded by the American Indian College worship team in 2001. Most songs were originals written by the students, staff, and faculty. 

Keyboard: Jerrold Altaha, Ray Garcia

Acoustic Guitar: Stephanie Marsden

Electric Guitar: Kent Burnette

Drums: Neil Sellers

Congas: Rachel Upshaw, Ellis Howard

Bass: Andre Flores

Vocalists: Tony Ibtu, Alvin Owens, Gale Large, Marcia Gulfan (Owens), Sandy Ticeahkie, Michelle Upshaw, Amanda Peshlekai 

Production: Spirit Vision Studio, Brent Hammond 

Leader: Bob Villa (Director of Student Services)

Student Publications

American Indian Literature Class Writings, Fall 1992

Included are works written by the following students: Rusty Wilbur, Steve Funsten, Kristen Williams, Marvin Begay, Lynette Johns, Debbie Lee, Saul Cardenas, Aaron Williams, Bert Calvo, Adrienne Bowechop, Rachel Bedoni, and Jr. Simpson. The last page includes artwork by Brother Lee. 

Want to Volunteer?

Dorothy Cummings Library is seeking volunteers!

Are you an alumni, former employee, or friend of the school? Do you have an intimate knowledge of All Tribes Bible School, American Indian Bible Institute, American Indian Bible College, or American Indian College? Do you have a desire to share your knowledge of the school with others? Apply to be an archive volunteer!

Apply here: Library Archive Volunteer Application

About Volunteering:

Due to the high volume of material, the archive will likely take a few years to complete. However, with your help, we can get through the content faster and with more accuracy. Here are the kinds of things we need help with:

  • Gathering archive material (documents, photos, etc.) from outside sources (alumni, former employees, etc.)
  • Identifying people in photos
  • Identifying the time period a photo was taken
  • Identifying the place a photo was taken
  • Placing photos into appropriate photo albums on Flickr
  • Typing up cursive pieces handwritten by our founder, Alta Washburn
  • Donating money that will help fund the digital archive site and materials to physically preserve the items

Please note that the library is usually closed between the 3rd week of May until the 3rd week of August each year. Library staff prefer volunteers to be on-site for initial training, but volunteer work can take place year-round if done virtually.  If you don't live in the Phoenix area or only have summer availability, you can still apply. We welcome anyone with the knowledge, time, and talent to help us out!