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What Are Permanent Links?

What are permanent links?

permanent link is a URL that links to a specific record within a database. Permanent links give a specific web address to each item record, allowing records to be bookmarked by searchers, emailed to librarians for help, or linked to from other websites. 

Use permanent links, sometimes called permalinks, in place of the URL from your browser's address bar. The browser bar address is frequently a "session" URL that will expire after a short amount of time. Permalinks do not expire like that. Use permanent links to access journal articles, eBooks, and other digital resources again at a later time or in your works cited/references/bibliography.

Proxy Prefix

What is a proxy prefix?

The proxy prefix allows SAGU students, faculty, and staff to access subscription databases from off campus. In order to use a permanent link from off campus, make sure the proxy prefix is at the beginning of the permanent link. Many of our databases are set to automatically include the proxy prefix, but you should double-check to make sure. For example:

Note: If you encounter a link that begins with, the link will no longer function. Please replace "" with "" and the link should function as expected. 



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