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General Citing Guidelines

Make sure you give credit where credit is due when you use quotes, ideas, or paraphrases from other information sources! These guides can help you make sure you're citing your sources consistently. If you're unsure which style to use, consult your syllabus or contact your professor

Database Citations

Many databases provide built-in tools to help you accurately cite your sources. While these tools are incredibly valuable, you are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the citations generated by databases. Always check your citations against the appropriate manual for your assignment.

EBSCO Citations

Scroll until you find the desired citation format, then copy and paste it into your works cited/references

MLA citation


ProQuest Citations

ProQuest Cite

Select your desired citation format from the dropdown menu, then copy and paste into your works cited/references.

ProQuest MLA citation

APA (American Psychological Association)

APA 7th edition; this is the most recent edition of APA. If you specifically need APA 6th edition resources, please visit this page.

MLA (Modern Language Association)


Turabian 9th Edition

Turabian 8th Edition

Citation Tools & Software

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